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Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic Battle Group' started by bmarkb, Jul 13, 2019.

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    I’m looking forward to our next meeting on 7/27. I think we are really coming together as a club and hobbyists.

    That said, I believe there are some things we need to accomplish at the meet.
    1. Sign liability waivers. By the existing by-laws, the basic requirement for membership is having a signed waiver on file.
    2. Elect officers: President/XO, Technical Officer, and Yeoman/Financial Officer.
    3. Select officers: Vice President/XO, Safety Officer, Laundry and Morale (and logistics) Officer
    4. Inspect/certify ships
    5. Organize and conduct a battle: prep the launch area, select the referee, and pick teams.
    Going forward, I believe our priorities should be growing the club, getting more ships on the water, and having regular battles. These priorities feed on each other.

    1. Growing the club: we have a group of six members that have been at meetings this year. There are 4-5 members of the MABG and CBG with mostly complete ships that we should focus on getting more active.
    2. More ships on the water: by my count, there are probably 14 capital ships and 10 CA/DD/convoy ships in our region that are pretty close to combat-ready.
    3. Regular battles: by the end of August, I would like to publish a hard schedule for the rest of 2019, plus a proposed schedule for next year.
    Lastly, communications: Currently, we have regular communications with different subsets of people on, our Facebook group, Messenger, and email. I think we should define our communications methods and commit to their use.

    As we elect a President and other officers, I believe this is a good working list of items to be delegated and worked.