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    We are happy to open back up the Free Plans section. On the top menu bar you will see an entry for 'Resources'

    A subcategory there is Free Plans. Free Plans are broken into two main categories at this time, Warships and Convoys. Within those categories each resource is tagged with a prefix indicating the scale of the plans contained within. If more than one scale is contained, they are currently marked 'Multiple Scales'

    Each resource entry also has an automatically created discussion thread for the resource - this is a suitable and correct and encouraged place to discuss the resource (in this case the set of plans). Users can also rate resources.

    We have some more sets of plans still to upload. Any member who wishes to upload a plan can. The one big thing I must warn you is that a resource can consist of no more than a single file. So if you have multiple files, you will need to zip them together prior to uploading. Example: The Pola has a file containing the ribs, and one containing the profile and top-down view. So I placed them into a zip file together for uploading.

    If you upload a resource and need to make a revision, there is a built-in capability to 'Update this resource' for the author. Please do not make a new one if you need to release an update.
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    Please do research and respect the copyright of any plans that you upload. It'll save us all a lot of trouble later on. Thanks!
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