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    I was watching a you tube video by Drachinifel where it is spoken about In somewhat detail. I know the later WW2 German battleship designs are not specified in the ship building list but I was wondering. The H-44 wear/how would it be rated point wise, predicted handling characteristics? The video stats that a ship could not be constructed in the real world, but it is a good what if scenario even if it is a whole British fleet to take it down for the lols.
    For size comparisons, it is a pic from the video...

    here is the video:

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUjrQ9cCulg

    at 1/144 scale it would be 94, 1/4 in. long, 14in. beam, 3,716 in. draft. using the measurements from the Wika page.
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    The ~106lb weight though.... yikes.
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    Drach is the best!
    If H 44 was constructed, the war probably would have had to drag on into 1946 or even later. That means it would face off against the numerous vessels of the Royal Navy and USN, as well as try to survive against overwhelming Allied air superiority. It is unlikely that it would be sent out on a raiding mission, as Germany would need to divert supplies to tanks and infantry defending the Fatherland, and planes supporting those infantry. They also would have lost fallback ports like Brest, which saved the Scharnhorst sisters and almost saved Bismarck. Eugen would arrive there too after some raiding. Support units, like Luftwaffe fighter screens and recon planes would be diverted to other fronts, and U boats would likely be heavily threatened by allied escorts and lose the ability to properly coordinate. It couldn’t face the allied fleet head on, as it would most likely end up like Yamato. So, it would probably be holed up in Norway (if they still had Norway) or Wilhelmshaven, subjecting to heavy allied air attack, a doomed symbol of a better time. As Drach (kind of) said, the bigger they come, the harder they fall.
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    I can't imagine ANY H-class ships getting more units than a Yamato. Probably the same value. It does have one more turret than the Yamato and Iowa though, so you've got more armament options. It also has three screws and two rudders, so you'd have to think long and hard about what sort of propulsion arrangement to have. Choose wrong and you could have poor turning, poor acceleration, bad backing-up ability, or all three. And possibly the most important consideration, just imagine how much that monster would weight when full of water. It's a real back-breaker.

    I have fought against an H-39 in Big Gun. it was sluggish and unmaneuverable, and my smaller VU was able to dance rings around it. It did have incredible endurance though, since all of its ballast was SLA batteries.
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