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    We could use your help with some items.

    1) As part of the transition, we know some internal links will have stopped working. In particular, links involving the LinkClick.aspx URLs of the file manager. I have all the files, but not a good map. If you find a post with internal links that are broken, please click 'Report' and mark the reason as 'Bad Links' - I will then attempt to locate the correct files and re-attach them.

    2) The site albums for Beauty Shots and Action Shots. I reuploaded the pictures, but I don't have much for details about them. if you can take the time to stop by and add comments to fill out the details we would appreciate it. Also if you have higher resolution copies of images and would like to re-upload them, please do so to the appropriate album and then 'Report' the original with a note that you uploaded a better copy.

    3) Please fill out the Location (At least put your state please) field in your profile. This helps for people to be able to tell if there are others in their area. There is also a 'formats played' section in your profile, please consider filling that out as well.

    4) Please don't flag emails sent by the site as Spam. That action comes back to my Mandrill account - the service I use for the site's bulk mailing, and then de-rates our status. It also prevents you from getting emails from the site for a period of time.

    5) Lastly! Please let us know if you experience any issues with the site, or have suggestions or questions.
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    Nov 8, 2006
    I just went through the Action Shots and commented on all the photos from me. I would recommend other people do the same.
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