Important Casemate and Sponson information

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    The casemates and Sponsons (and barbettes) included in your kits, whether white or orange, are made of a material called PC+PBT. It is tough stuff, but the nature of 3d printing (layer by layer with interior hollows) can still leave the resultant structures with suboptimal strength.
    Because of this I highly recommend the careful application of a butane torch or heat gun to heat the outer faces of these pieces. You are trying to get them very hot, but not ignite or deform them, so keep the heat moving. Correctly doing this will allow the outer perimeters to better fuse together and resist damage. This is similar to the effect of brushing down all the printed ABS parts with acetone. Really suggest doing this prior to installation. Do not light your hull on fire...

    DO NOT LIGHT YOUR PARTS ON FIRE. However, in the likely event that you do, remove the heat source and extinguish the part. You may need to clean up a little disfigurement and make sure you paint the area well to cover the scorch marks. Do not drop a piece that is this hot. Odds are good that it will, much like the buttered side of the toast, land hot-side-down and become an even larger mess.

    Other notes:
    You will probably need to trim brim from your casemate pieces.
    Casemates have numbers on their backsides. The numbers go from bow to stern. Numbers that can be read properly go on the starboard side of the hull. Numbers which are mirrored go on the port side.

    The aft sponsons have a little rectangular tab sticking off the base. This is a spacer to help you line them up off the aft solid area.

    The forward sponsons should slip right in around the proper ribs, but you may need to do a little knife and file work on them. They are also designed to fit with the angle of the sanded hull, so if you have not yet sanded your ribs and (sub)deck to shape, they will not likely fully seat.
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