Indiana style cannons in Treaty combat.

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    Are Indiana style cannons not allowed under teh rules for Treaty Combat?

    (rules excerpt)
    4) All cannons must be equipped to fire single shot, except cannons which are allowed to spurt. A
    single shot cannon is defined as one which fires one BB at each fire command, regardless of if
    the fire command is a transmitter stick movement, an electronic control board, or some other

    Or are the terms barrel and cannon interchangeable in this instance.


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    Not sure
    @rcengr should know though
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    I believe it falls under the category of technically allowed, but it's usage would be rather limited. You see, Treaty restricts the number of cannons in certain quadrants (I. E., sidemounts), and also restricts which mounts may rotate. So while you might get away with using one for stern doubles or triples, it would only be allowed to rotate in certain ship classes (the larger boats). Also, the ammo per cannon is restricted, which can be an issue with Indiana style cannons (most could be easily overfilled).

    Most of the ship classes allowed to have rotating cannons can only have 1 cannon in a quadrant at a time. Some larger ship classes that are allowed rotating cannons are allowed 2 sidemounts in a given quadrant, but no ship classes are allowed to have 3 sidemounts in the same quadrant. So triple sterns can't rotate, and only a few classes would be allowed to have a rotating dual turret.

    The other concern here is a more practical one: Indiana cannons are tall, and not all 1/144 scale boats would have sufficient clearance in the stern to mount one. So it's usage would again be limited to larger boats.
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    Indiana cannons only fire one BB per barrel, so they meet the intent of the rule above. The rule was written for fast gun style cannons so it is assumed, but not required, that each cannon only has one barrel. As Dietzer explained, multiple barrel setups would have limited applications based on your ship.