Koln vs Leipzig?

Discussion in 'Ship Comparison' started by wdodge0912, Apr 12, 2020.

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    So as I slowly solidify my future ship list, I was looking through builds and came acrossed Kevin P.'s Fiji refit. I liked the idea of the the triple setup he mentioned of a 50 round "ranging" gun, and 2 25 round guns, firing all 3 for triples. I think it's an interesting idea and would like to one day set a light cruiser up like that. With the Fiji though, it's Allied. Now I'm not opposed to it, but I want to keep most of my ships on the Axis side.

    Long story short I would like to build something similar that is Axis eventually, but would like to know first before committing to a hull or anything is of it's possible to do, as well as which would be easier to build or better on the water with that gun setup.

    Getting one of those to work with that triple setup is a deciding factor of future ships, along with if I can get quads running on my Duca D'Aosta.

    Before a Graf Spee or Prinz is mentioned for an Axis ship with triple guns, those are on the lists/if then tree of future ships, which goes up to 7, but hangs around 6 but could be 5. All depends on what is possible and what I can get to work for an Axis light cruiser.
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    Older thread, but since you got no replies, I'd suggest that a Nurnburg or Leipzig would be better because the turrets are centerline. It will have fewer balance issues than the K class will due to it's offset aft turrets. Additionally, the Nurnburg and Leipzig are three shaft ships and the K class are only two shaft ships.
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    Nurnburg is a neat ship. And one of 6 i went:).
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    Aside from practicalness, I also like Leipzig/Nurembergs funnel layout and general look over the K class. Also in WoWs, Nuremberg is just fun to play. Might be my favorite teir 6.
    Just my opinion :)