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    After posting some comments about our recent 18 June event, I thought I would add a short story about how large the R/C Combat Universe really is.

    Several years ago my oldest daughter was the manager of a local bank in Auburn California. One day she was talking to a girl that had worked for the same bank for many years, but never crossed the subject of their fathers and some of the things they did. My daughter mentioned that her father fought R/C warships, and the girls reply was that hers had also done it for several years. After talking about it for a few minutes, they realized that they had met and played together when they were little girls, years before they went to work together in the bank. Weird thing was, my daughter was from Auburn and the other girl was from Fremont in the Bay Area, a hundred miles away.

    Back in the early days of WWCC, all events were in Campbell Ca, south of San Jose. So I would drive down the night before and often stay with Dave. I would take my daughter down with me and the girls would play together while we were off fighting boats. I was surprised to get a call from my daughter who invited me down to the bank where Dave was waiting to see me. Dave had moved to Nevada and we had lost contact with each other for almost 15 years; neither had the others contact information. From that chance contact, it grew into Dave coming back into the game nearly 20 years later.

    So if the R/C Warship Combat universe was not as large as it is, this story would have never happened. Ok, this isn't all that interesting, but this morning I just felt like typing, so here you have it.
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