Video Launching the Preußen

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    Nov 8, 2006
    So this is a small project I took up during 2020. fully designed in Fusion360, entirely 3d printed from ABS on my Lulzbot mini2. The original ship was purely wind-powered, but I have added an auxiliary motor and the whole thing is combat-legal for both Big Gun and Fast Gun. I was finally able to get it mobile and buoyant, so I figured it was time for a launching ceremony. During a lunch break at work, some work buddies and I headed to the local pond and put her in the water.


    You may have noticed she's a little tippy. Still floating upright though, and I plan to improve on that. After some work with a hammer, the ballast should be flat enough to stick on the bottom, moving about 5lb of lead sheet down by at least an inch. That *should* be sufficient stability for purely motor-driven operations. Eventually, I plan to add sails and servos to control those sails, and at that point I will add a broad 6" or 8" detachable fin keel so the Preußen can do what she does best. I've made a few changes to the design since printing this hull. Once I finish incorporating these improvements into the 3d model, I will post it to the resources page so anyone can print one. I also hope to make a larger un-sinkable non-combat version in 1:96 scale for sailing in more open waters.
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    She is beautiful!

    I love that she was christened with Barq's root beer
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    Looks cute ... Still waiting for someone to make a paddlewheel aircraft carrier...
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