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    I'm going to spend a few threads talking up XenForo, and hopefully providing some semi useful information.
    The topic of this thread is 'conversations'.

    Conversations are the replacement for the old 'PM / Private message' approach. XenForo's take on them is to create threaded private conversations between two or more members.
    Here is a lousy example:
    You can start a conversation with a member in pretty much any place you can see their profile. For instance, when viewing a thread they have posted in, beneath their user information you will see a 'Start a Conversation' button.
    Once you click 'Start Conversation' an overlay will appear for your initial message.
    Viewing the user profile or usercard already? Look for the 'Start a Conversation' under their avatar or at the bottom of their usercard.
    profile.png usercard.png

    Or, if you are viewing one of the member lists, including the vendor list, staff lists, etc, you will see a little envelope icon next to the member's name. Clicking the envelope will open the new conversation window.
    Looking to find the conversations you are already in? You can access these from the Inbox link in the upper right, or your user information quick links panel.
    inbox.png profile quicklinks.png
    By default you will receive email notification of new conversations as well as a conversation indicator at your inbox.
    conversation alert.png