Learning XenForo: Handy Things

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    Useful things to know about XenForo:

    XenForo will attempt to autosave your work. That's right, it will save drafts as you type, so if you close the window, follow a link to a new page, switch computers, have a massive power failure, it is no problem, go back to where you were and XenForo will fill in with what it remembers.

    You can tag members. If you type @ followed by a member's name, such as @nicktest, XenForo will create a link to that member's profile, and even send them an alert that you tagged them. Handy for drawing someones attention to a thread! Need to check that it linked right? Just tap the preview button.

    Reply is Quote See that little link on the bottom of each post that says 'reply' ? Clicking that will automatically quote the text of that post in the reply-box.

    Partial Quoting is easy! Want to just quote part of someone's post? Highlight the part, at the bottom of the highlighted segment a icon should appear that says 'Reply'. If you click it, the reply box will be populated with the section of their post, properly quoted.

    Multi-Quoting is easy too! Use the previous mentioned steps to stack up quotes in the reply box.