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    If you set your timezone preferences, they actually matter. (Most of you who are imported are defaulted to Iceland I think)

    Everyone is locked into the same number of posts per page - though I'm looking into an add-on that jailbreaks that if people are interested.

    Update notifications for posts to threads you are watching - you only get one until you login and view the thread, whereas in ActiveForums you would get one for every post regardless.

    Uploading images isn't a tedious and horrid process. (Click 'Upload a File' and choose to either leave the item as an attachment, or include it in your psot fullsize or as a thumbnail which links to fullsize)
    --I will put together a quick walkthrough on images and XenForo soon.

    You can 'Like' things to express your liking of a thing without having to post a 'I like this' post, thus reducing spam and boosting egos.

    Avatars work, and they're easy to upload, and they're bigger! Also if you don't feel like uploading one, and you don't have a gravatar, Robohash is here to save us from the 'No Avatar' avatars.

    No more HTML in post content. Embedding images, urls, font adjustments, etc are done with bbCode now. See https://rcwarshipcombat.com/help/bb-codes for examples

    New users are moderated for their first set of posts. Once they have reached 5 approved posts they no longer require moderator approval of new posts. This is to cut down on spam and incessant newbie thread necromancy that seems to occur.

    There is no longer a user adjustable display name for your user. Your username is what is displayed. Do you truly hate your username and want to change it, perhaps to your actual name? Message me. Please don't ask to shift to something overly simple like just your first name though unless you have a truly unique first name. The world has too many John / Joe / Bob / Mike names in it for that to be sufficiently distinguishing.

    Feel free to add to the list if anything strikes you as fitting.
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