Video List of Model Warship Combat video channels on YouTube

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Tugboat, Dec 27, 2015.

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    Hey! Here are a few links to model warship combat video channels on Youtube. If I know who the channel owner is, I've put their name. Otherwise, you can see the channel name on the link. If you know who a channel belongs to and I've got it marked 'unknown', please send me a message and I'll update the list. If YOU have a model warship combat YouTube channel and it's not listed, send me a link!
    [BG] = Big Gun [FG] = Fast Gun

    [BG] Carl:
    [FG] Tyler:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [FG] Brian K:
    ...and also:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [BG] Someone from AusBG:
    [FG] Will Cover:
    [FG] Chase:
    [FG] Mike M:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [FG] Unknown:
    [FG] Nick:

    Special thanks to WillCover, Chase, and Mike Mangus for sending in a lot more video channels!
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