March NJ Build/Battle Weekend - IRCWCC

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  1. bsgkid117

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    Feb 8, 2013
    Hey guys,

    Looking to host a build/battle weekend here in NJ @ The South Jersey Shipyards. Our pond isn't quite ready for a full scale regional event, so this won't be a sanctioned/scored battle. Instead we are opening our shop and pond for working on ships and some sporadic "test and tune" style sorties.

    Work on your boat, toss it in the pond, get your butt kicked, pull your boat and patch it + fix and improve it. Then go again. No scheduled sorties, no "pressure" to make sure you make every battle. If you feel like you're ready to put your boat out there, go for it! If not, stay in the shop and keep working on it.

    Right now we're looking for interested parties and scoping out dates. If you're interested in coming down for the weekend, let me know what dates work best for you/what dates don't work at all and we will try to pick a weekend that works best for all.

    Just a reminder: You can't buy BB's in NJ. So make sure you bring your own!
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    I’m pretty sure the ONLY weekend I’m out is March 11th. I just have to get the electrics sorted and will be ready for testing.