May 19-21st IRCWCC NJ Spring Regional

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    Feb 8, 2013
    May 19-21 NJ Spring Regional.
    Site Host: Me + Kevin Sundberg (not on RCWC or IRCWCC email list)

    Seems like most captains are planning on coming down after work on Friday to have a full day of battling Saturday and potentially get two quick battles Sunday before driving home in the earlier afternoon hours. I myself will be available during the day on Friday so there's nothing stopping us from battling Friday or at the very least getting some workshop hours in Friday along with some test and tune at the pond.

    There is a Red roof Inn about 15 minutes from the pond in Buena NJ, but I don't believe they are finished renovating yet. I will check in with them and hopefully have their contact information for anyone who needs a hotel room. Otherwise we have couches, spare bedrooms, and a motorcoach to bunk people in.

    CO2 and lunches will be provided. Donations to help with the CO2, lunches, and pond improvements are always welcome.
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