Missed you at NABGO

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    Jul 30, 2007
    We missed you guys at the 5th annual North American Big Gun Open (NABGO). Had a really good event, though. Chesapeake Battle Group took home a bunch of medals this year (Eric Kliever of CBG garnering Most Feared. Best Lookinbg Ship, and Best Engineered Ship, and Sieve Award, among others). He also won a gorgeous AZ/PA hull from Strike Models. Haven't done a talley yet to see which club took the most medals, but it may well have beeen CBG (and Rob Fristrom of CBG took the Spychalski again - way toi go Rob)

    A good time was had by all, working in the airconditioned shipyard to debug ships and systems,plen ty of time for sea trials, a fireworks show this year, a blessing of the fleet in the shipyard (a moment of humor - before the priest started the blessing, he asked if getting water on the ships w3as going to hurt anything .:D.... lots of chuckles), and a plenty of fun battling over the last 3 days. Jeff Burns won 3rd in Maneuvering (Cargo) with hiw USS Dallas heavy cruiser, by pushi9ng a cargo shi8p around the lake when it went dead in the water (as well as a 1st in maneuvering (Warship)).

    Strike Models previewed several new products for discussion, testing under battle conditions, etc. You would have loved many of them, methinks. Stephen also brought and battled his SMS Baden, so WWCC took home some medals, too, as I recall.

    Hope to see you next year (remember, it somes shortly after July 4th every year. The final date is not set yet, but will likely be either July 5-11 or (nore likely) July 12-18.