Modifying a hull for the Atlantic Bow, Worth the trouble? Has it been done?

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    So I have a Deutschland cruiser and was wondering if anyone has modified the hulls for the later style Atlantic bow, what was put on the ship when it was renamed to the Lutzow. I'm aiming for a somewhat historical connection between my ships, and by adding the bow and making it into the Scheer, I could get a couple other ships and have some sort of significant historical detail between all my German ships that links them together somehow (last of thier kind, ordered as replacement, etc.)

    I know it's probably not worth the hassle or time to actually do the modification, especially when I don't have another cruiser to run and it is just more area to get shot up. However, if it would be easy enough and someone had or knows where I could get the plans to do the modification, I would highly consider making the change.
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    One of the builds here modified a fiberglass Deutschland hull to make it a post-refit Lutzow with the Atlantic bow. Two ways I can think of to do it;
    atlantic bow doodle.png
    The one I've seen looks like it was cut down the bottom of the bow up to the nose since overall length stayed the same, and then it was filled, shaped, and coated to get the gelcoat smooth again. The penetrable area stayed the same. the bow only has like... 1 3/4" hard area from end to window at the bottom of the window.

    Checked the rules, the hull length variance needed to be within 1/2" or 2% of the hull length, whichever was greater. Deutschland CA and Deutschland CA (L) are different lengths, I'm assuming (L) is the added retrofit bow. Lutzow w/clipper is 51.33", w/o is 50.83", so exactly 1/2", and the 2% error is greater at a hair over 1", so it stays "in spec." Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Has it been done? Absolutely. Since the bow curve is subtle on these boats compared to later DKM ships, I'd think that it's easier. Is it easy, though? Ask @ZARUBA1987, he did the modification for the guy and can most likely detail you what he did. I've only looked at it, but the bow looks good and the hull is still rock-solid. Is it worth it from a functional standpoint? I have no idea. I'd need to see two on the water, one with and one without.
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