Multi-format events (Treaty)

Discussion in 'Midwest Battle Group' started by froggyfrenchman, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Apr 8, 2007
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    I feel like we have a good thing going with these multi-format events.
    Not only do I think that it is good for our club, but it also gives those around us in other clubs a chance to battle their boats more often, and hang out with fellow R/C combat folks.
    It also gives us the opportunity to pick up on some of the other technologies that the other clubs use.
    At least from a Treaty stand point, I plan to schedule pretty much all of the Treaty events as multi-format, with the possible exception of our Nats event, so that we can do our rules stuff.
    I will be contacting all of the other regional clubs, and trying to make sure that schedules do not conflict.
    This year we shared the waters with ships from the BBS, and some of the big-gun clubs.
    In 2008, I hope to include the L.E.A.G., the Battlestations group (96th scale version of big-gun), and I will also look into having an event with the MWC, and IRCWCC.
    I will keep you all posted.