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    Just thought I would remind our MBG Brethren that NABGO 2011, the 7th annual North American Big Gun Open is scheduled for July 4-10, 2010, in Kaufman, Texas (just outside Dallas), at
    Application forms are now up at

    This is a week of getting together with battlers from all over the country for shipyard time and battling. One change from the 20110schedule is that full service has been added to the "non-battling" days have been added by popular request for the shipyard days as well. Meals and drinks are, of course, included in the cost as noted on the forms.
    Do keep in mind that you do not have to come for the entire 7 days - the main battling is Fri-Sun, and you can come for just that. However, you will be missing a lot of fun and camaraderie in the shipyards if you cut the trip to just the battles.
    When i say "non-battle" days - I do not mean you cannot battle. These are traditionally days of shipyard work and testing 9and inspections, etc.), but many have been known to go out for some skirmishes as well.

    Some pictures of 2009 and 2010 that have not made it to the NABGO site as yet are
    In case you have missed it, there is a writeup on NABGO here: which mentiones MBG on P. 10.
    Additional writeups are here:

    Space is limited, so make sure to get your reservations in early.
    One other point - for the multi-format guys.
    Hope to sink see you here!