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    May 10, 2007
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    I was able to participate in one day of this year's North American Big Gun Open (NABGO), hosted by the NTXBG, this past weekend. We had four boats on the water: the Odd Alliance (Don with USS Missouri, Jerry with DKM Bismarck) versus the Combined French Fleet (Mike with Richelieu and me driving Gascogne). We got in three sorties during the day, with Don and Jerry teaming up to sink Richelieu twice. Gascogne performed her best, surviving around 100 penetrations (including ~15 belows and ~10 on the waterline) over the course of the day.

    In addition to receiving advice and help from the NTXBG members, I was also able to get a closer look at a new cannon design being developed.

    A big THANK YOU to the NTXBG to continue hosting NABGO. I look forward to attending a great event next year.

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