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    As some of you know, the IRCWCC has used yahoo groups email lists since 2004ish as the 'official' discussion lists for IRCWCC members (and anyone else interested). Yahoo groups mostly shut down last year, removing features from the groups and preventing new sign ups. The legacy lists still work, but we needed a new solution. All of the content for the old lists is archived on the IRCWCC secretary google drive.

    I set up new groups on the website/list to replace the yahoo groups email list (the main list and the rules forum list)

    There are two lists - the ircwcc list (for general topics, event announcements, build questions, introductions) and the ircwcc rule forum list (for discussion of potential rule changes, as the volume of emails on rules can sometimes be overwhelming).

    Existing list members will get a separate invite email to join the new lists.

    If you are interested in joining those lists, you should be able to locate the groups on the website and sign up on the site. That process only takes a few minutes and is relatively painless. You use an existing email address and create a login. There are a variety of message delivery options, and the there is other functionality like posting files or photos.

    You can locate both groups with a simple "ircwcc" search on the website. Here is a link to that search:

    Here is a link to the main list (group name: ircwcc)

    Here is a link to the rules discussion list (group name: ircwcc-rule-forum)

    I'll plan to get the invitations out later today (after boat work).

    I'll keep track of the sign-ups and will figure out a good transition date once the majority have transferred. Announcements would probably be duplicated in the interim. I would request that any new email chains be sent on the new lists to ease the transition. I set up permissions such that anyone can join, but the first two posts will be moderated to cut down on spam or other nuisances, so there might be a slight delay to those posts.

    I hope everyone's Nats preps are going well!

    Let me know if there are questions or issues with the sign up.

    Kevin P
    IRCWCC Secretary
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    Thanks, Kevin :) Hope they live longer than Yahoo did.
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    Kinda wish the club had gone with Google Groups. They're so much better than any Yahoo derivative imo.
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