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    All Hands:

    We had a great NABGO in October. Here are some bits of information:
    Attendance was good. We had six captains with ships on the water for most battles. There were two or three potential recruits from Maker Space. We got only minor interest from passers by.
    Weather was cold and drippy at first, but improved to perfect sunny battling weather.
    The lake was very nice with easy access. There was some chop in the water. The recovery pedal boat was needed several times when ships sank out of reach of our fishing pole grappling hook.
    The battleships started out with some initial unreliability and improved to become lethal and persistent. We had some very good and long battles with all ships sustaining damage. It just goes to show that the more we battle, the better the ships get.
    Three or four captains set up a shipyard at Dallas Maker Space for the week leading up to NABGO. It was a very convenient distance from McInnish Park where we battled. A lot of work was accomplished during the week.
    Meals were all on a plan as you go basis. Two lake side lunches were "fetched" by members. Several group dinners were enjoyed at local restaurants.
    We all liked the way this NABGO turned out. There was a lot of socializing and comaraderie. We had some awesome battles with lots of good shooting, damage, sinks and most importantly lots of laughing. We did this NABGO on the cheap and easy.
    Our next event is a captain meeting on Saturday, 9 Nov at noon. One captain suggested we go as a group to see the new movie "Midway". If anyone has other suggestions, speak up soon so I can put out the word by the middle of next week.
    We discussed our annual Christmas dinner party. We thought the best date will be Saturday, 7 Dec. The 14th looks like it might conflict with office parties. The 21st is too close to Christmas. We will need to select a good restaurant soon in order to get a reservation. Please, provide me with your preferences.

    Construimus, batimus - We build, we fight.
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    For planning purposes, I intend to be there next year.