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    Aug 31, 2015
    Hi, I am currently partway through a Brooklyn big gun build and I have run into a few questions. I saw a lot of talk about barrel length affecting muzzle velocity almost as much as air pressure. I am just wondering how long of a barrel most people run as well as what pressure they run. Thank you in advance.
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    Operating pressure is usually limited to no more than 150 PSI, but that can vary with the rule set. The old Midwest Battle Group rules limited max pressure to 140 PSI.

    I have seen a couple differences on barrel length, depending on the rule set. WWCC states: " Barrel lengths shall not exceed 6" long measured from the center of the bend to the muzzle". The old Midwest Battle Group rules state: " The length of barrels must be the same as on the real ship within 5%. Barrel length is measured from the end of the barrel to the face of the turret".

    The long and short of it is to make sure to check the ruleset you are building for, because even within a given format, there are usually minor differences in how things are approached, specified, and executed. From your build thread it looks like you are building to WWCC rules. As you may be aware, they have their rules posed on their site, so it's a good point of reference, but I was not able to find a max operating pressure in their rule book during my quick check.
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