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    Aug 29, 2007
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    Stephen posted on the Strikemodels website last night that Steve Millholland passed away this past February. For those new to the hobby, Steve started Swampworks (later to become Strikemodels) to commercially sell ships, components and hardware to help grow the hobby from its humble beginnings. I remember him talking about the idea at the 82 Nats in Amarillo. Because of his vision, I believe lead to our exponential growth in the 80's and 90's. If you have an old fiberglass Lutzow cruiser hull, it was from Steve (Swampy)

    I did a little more searching and found that Dan Hamilton has also passed away several years ago. Dan was directly responsible for compiling our ship list back in mid 80's and served as president of the IRC several times. Much of our organization across the clubs are directly because of Dan and the work he did in those early years. We all would look forward to the "Alabama Regionals" in the spring and fall. It usually signaled the beginning and end to the battling season.

    Even though neither of these gentlemen participated in an event for years, we all owe them a debt of gratitude for what they did for the hobby and as ambassadors to the hobby. Fair winds Steve and Dan. Until we meet again.
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    It was saddening to hear Steve Millholland had passed away. I had many phone conversations with him in the 90s when getting into the hobby, and bought pneumatics, guns and pumps from him for my early combat models, plus Swampworks t-shirts and VCR tapes of battles and builds of Swampworks models. He was a nice guy.
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    I too was shocked and saddened with Steve's passing .It was His Skunkwotk's the Swamoworks that got me started and went on to form a Cdn club in Nova Scotia .Many kits and products from Steve helped me get ships ready for combat and help others get their ships ready . There would have been no Nabs if not for Swampworks . RIP Steve . Salute .