Solenoid Install Guide?

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    Hey guys.

    Does anyone have or know of a guide to install cannons using solenoids? I have been doing old school and I am thinking it is time to join the 21st century. I don't know what all is involved with using solenoids, however. Like, how are the solenoids and firing board installed and plumbed? I am assuming the firing board just plugs into the receiver, but I don't know if there are any other steps. I am hoping to just find something that will walk me through it.

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    Solenoid takes the place of whatever valve was controlling gas flow to the guns. It's the same thing, just electronically actuated. Gas from regulator in one end, gas out to cannon on the other end.

    Firing boards can depend wildly based on the specific board used. Generally, the firing board will interface with the radio, the main battery, and then the solenoid. The board will interpret the PWM signal from the radio, and then somewhat like an automotive relay, will connect battery to solenoid when properly triggered.

    To give you specific direction, I'd need to know what firing boards you are using.
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    Solenoids used to intimidate me. They seemed so much more complicated than the old school popit valves. But they are so much simpler. Make sure you get flash back diodes and put them in the right way. They will protect your firing boards. Last week I burnt out (literal flame and sparks) two brand new firing boards because I wired them in backwards.
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