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    Rules (as they exist)
    A.Safety rules to be written but along similar lines to IRCWCC and MWCI, which also use fast gun cannons, and 1/32" balsa.
    B. Construction
    .1. Three classes of ships: Battleship(BB), Armoured Cruiser(AC), and Protected Cruiser(PC)
    .2. At and below the waterline stringer, all ships must resemble the spec plans for their class. No additional appendages may be added, nor may the profile deviate more than 1/8" at any given point from the specified shape at or below the waterline stringer. Above the waterline stringer, the hull shape may be modified to that of an existing or hypothetical ship of the victorian era, so long as there remains at least 1" (vertically measured) penetrable area above the stringer, measured from the centerline of the stringer(so, 15/16" from the top of the stringer). This penetrable areas DOES NOT have to BE vertical, but a 1" height of the hull must be penetrable. Whimsical original designs in keeping with the Victorian 'steampunk' era are allowed. Indulge yourself.
    .3. All ships must use the spec prop, a 1.75" diameter 3-blade prop bought from Vac-U-Boat.
    LINK (Towards the bottom of the page at the link, labeled Prop Shaft Assembly for Vac-U-Tug, or just the prop by itself. LH or RH rotation at the discretion of the builder.
    .4. Speeds for the ships are: Battleship - 28sec/100'. Armoured Cruiser - 26sec/100', and Protected Cruiser - 24 seconds per 100'.
    .5. Cannons: BB gets 4, AC gets 3, PC gets 2. Cannons not mounted in the 30 degree cones directly forward and aft of the ship are called sidemounts. All cannons must be mounted in a primary or secondary turret. If there is no turret in a particular quadrant, a cannon may be mounted in the superstructure. Cannon breech end can be no higher than 1" above the deck that it is mounted on, and the muzzle end can be no closer than 1" from the waterline. No more than 20-degree down-angle of the barrel is allowed.
    -.5.a. A BB can mount 4 cannons, four sidemounts allowed, max two sidemounts per side. Sidemounts may be in the same turret but must have their barrels parallel. Fore and aft quadrants may be armed with three cannons max, and those cannons may be in same turret.
    -.5.b. An AC can mount 3 cannons, two sidemounts allowed, max of one sidemount per side. Fore and aft quadrants may be armed with 2 cannons max, and those cannons may be in the same turret.
    -.5.c. A PC can mount 2 cannons, one sidemount allowed. Fore and aft quadrants may be armed with two cannons max, and those cannons may be in the same turret

    This post is pinned and locked so that it only has the rules. Feedback and corrections (I know I ain't perfect!) can be posted in this forum.
    More will be added as I go through the original post! -Tug
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