Sold! Three Straight Magazine cannons plus Accessories plus Extra parts

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    Dec 30, 2020
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    I am selling THREE straight cannons from Battler’s Connection. One 50 round (High Volume Interrupter) TWO 75 Round. Never Used. Many Fittings,Extra barrels,(both Tight tolerance and standard) O-Rings hose barbs, hose clamp and Hose. I am including two 12 volt compressors that I use to fire to test fire the cannons. If not using for combat but just target boat shooting, the compressors save on co2. I use a 11.1v lipo or 12 Volt lead Acid with a 14.4v esc to fire the cannons with the compressor. Follow all rules set by irwcc. Using the compressors was ok with Battlers Connection when I initially bought cannons from them.
    Selling for $155.00 shipped to lower 48 states.
    PayPal or Venmo only please

    3 Cannons
    2- 50 Round speed loaders
    O-Rings 20+
    Hose barbs,clamps
    Extra end cap
    2 extra Barrels plus 2 with cannons

    please e-mail if interested

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