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    In the near future:

    Free Plans will be making a return

    Thread Prefixes in various forums. These are essentially highly visible tags that make quickly identifying content by classification easy. For example the Build Threads forum may have prefixes for Wooden Hull and Fiberglass Hull, so if you were looking for a wooden hull build, you could quickly narrow the list down.

    Reducing subforum list - in an effort to clean up things a bit we will be looking closely at which subforums can be merged together. For instance, do we really need two subforums on electrical? Some of the Local Club subforums may be sufficiently neglected as to be closed down as well. If you have thoughts on the merging or closing of subforums please let us know. We will of course be announcing the plan for forum realignment before executing it.

    Article-type content will be created and member submitted content will be encouraged

    A little more down the road we will be evaluating options for building a new Ship Registry system.

    Got feature or change requests? Let us know!