Using Clay for Water Channeling

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    Jul 19, 2018
    We’ve been working on a lot of molds during this unjust imprisonment. We had to modify the hatch opening on a little 12” Hydroplane. After grinding a bevel on the existing edge, first we taped off the edge as a guide and to keep the clay from leaving a mess. We use a tongue depressor smeared in wax to set the edge straight and plow the clay down onto the tape to hold it in place while our tooling gel sets.
    F3082C93-7767-4F87-8C51-61801E11285F.jpeg 62450B8D-CBC8-4923-8292-6907704787C8.jpeg
    Any mass of gel needs some reinforcement or it will chip off, so we prepped some solid glass strands to fill the void.
    We catalyzed the gel very lightly to prevent exothermic damage and overfilled the spot so we can sand down to the lines we want.
    181405C0-B7D9-40F1-82A5-BBC7074D4B40.jpeg 13AE499B-CCCF-4750-80ED-F7924B1E0E8F.jpeg
    The same process works for setting water channeling, so we thought we would share with you all.

    Thanks very much for the support you all have given our family. We love making models and appreciate the kind words and patronage you have given us in overwhelming amounts.