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    Aug 22, 2007
    Yeah for the big stuff a large miter saw is super handy but the small chop saw would be for small tubes/rods that I never cut as straight as i'd like with a dremel or by hand and sometimes the mini tubing cutter deforms the end an annoying amount. Having a small dedicated chop saw seems handy, I might have to give that Harbor Freight one a shot. A "small" horizontal band saw was on the list for cutting large metal stock, not sure I'm going to pull the trigger on that as it seems like a vertical band saw should be more useful but I'm not convinced that is really is so that's all up in the air at the moment.
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    I have a vertical band saw also and I find I use the portable one a lot more often. But they are different primary uses - the horizontal is mostly good for wood and good at cutting out shapes / slots like a jig saw, while the portable band saw or a horizontal one is primarily the same use as a chop saw, for making a straight cut across an object.
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    I've got beer in my workshop :)
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