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  1. Iunnrais
    It is a fixed gun. The barrel just barely clears the deck as it crosses over. Having it elevate would be nice so that it could also be a stern gun, but simple and reliable seemed to be the smart...
  2. notSoGnarly
    I did not get a good look at the boat, I was to busy doing anarchy in the iBoat. Does it alter the angle of the barrel as it rotates? Or is it fixed with enough clearance to clear the deck?
  3. Anvil_x
    yeah I bet it was!! for me it was "Oh I got him this time. Prepare to get sidemounted to oblivion on your unguarded side!!!!!!! oh crap it's a rotate!!!"
  4. Iunnrais
    @Anvil_x The rotate was a total hoot.
  5. Anvil_x
    don't let the long eyelashes deceive you. and that aft turret is a rotate. that boat is at the party for violence.
  6. Anvil_x
    Lol I constructed a 3d model of this boat last year, and just caught this photo. It's also set up for a single stern cannon, though I did leave enough room in the design for dual half units off...
  7. wfirebaugh
    I used the deck plans along with pictures, Xanthar sent a copy of the as launched this morning deck/side profile I couldn'tfind a copy anywhere on the internet. I will have to make minor changes...
  8. Beaver
    You modeled in the side casements, nice!
  9. WillCover
    @wfirebaugh no just got lazy.
  10. wfirebaugh
    Is the floating dock block lay out designed for a specific ship in mind?