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  1. NASAAN101
    That’s were I would be o shitbirds,.
  2. Anvil_x
    I regularly take 100+ hits in each battle. a weekend with 2-3 battles per day can easily crank that. there are guys who take 200 or more hits per battle.
  3. TorpCruiser
    @Anvil_x WOW! I had no idea they took THAT many hits...
  4. TorpCruiser
    Seems like the systems used train sets might also work for this sweet idea.
  5. Panzer
    Oh My Eye!!!
  6. Mad_Modeller
    Cool. 3D printing will change the game for this hobby.
  7. coyote
    Beautiful work - I appreciate the level of detail.
  8. CURT
    Very pretty.
  9. CURT
  10. Selley
    Cad almost finnished for forward structure, printing the base at the moment, while redesigning the window structure above the bridge.