Andrea Doria WW2 Superstructure v2

post-refit Andrea Doria superstructure, including turrets and larger secondaries.

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    This is my updated design for @ZARUBA1987 's Andrea Doria. I've included the main superstructure design as well as the secondaries. This was my very first superstructure design. The original design made in early 2021 for the full rebuild of his ship is shown here;

    The original idea was for a good-enough superstructure that could be easily replaced if/when needed. Recently @wdodge0912 contacted me for the files, so I have been gradually updating the design over my free weekends. This is the final product. I don't plan on redesigning the superstructure any further after this.
    Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 13.13.41.png
    It was printed originally in ABS with a .6 nozzle. The larger levels are made with outer walls and kept hollow on the inside. The superstructure was ABS glued, sanded, given an acetone vapor bath, and painted. The levels don't slot into one another. I had a lot of trouble getting a deck lip to fit together when I was first learning how to use a printer. Some parts are supplemented with rods or tubes. I used brass rods and tubes for masts, as well as inside the forward superstructure and aligned their identical faces to connect all of the levels together.

    Hardware I used to complete superstructure:
    • 7/32" rod/tube
    • 1/8" rod/tube
    • 3/32" rod
    • spare threaded pushrod to reinforce columns
    • small brass tubes for secondary barrels
    • 6-32 Wood screws to mount the superstructure to the deck
    • 8-32 nuts and bolts (about 1" long) up into the funnels from the deck underside
    • Drill bits for pilot hole alignment and to make the holes to insert barrels into smaller secondaries

    All the .STEP files are included so that those who wish to view the full model, edit, or redesign sections for their individual builds are able to do so.


    1. Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 13.12.41.png
    2. Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 13.12.53.png
    3. Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 13.13.04.png
    4. Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 13.13.14.png
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    Version: v2
    printing very well in PETG thank you