Big Gun cannon magazines 1.0

Magazines for Big Gun cannons, Indiana style, compatible with other 3d-printed cannon parts

  1. Kotori87
    I got tired of waiting for other people to design a 3d-printable Big Gun cannon so I made one myself. This cannon uses BigGunJeff's 3d-printed Torpedo Cannon as a base. Download parts and instructions for them here:

    20190915_170348[1].jpg 20190915_170306[1].jpg

    The magazine consists of four layers.
    Bearing layer, top right. uses one 3016-2RS bearing, 1/2in ID x 1_1/8in OD x 5/16in thick (6384K49). The coupling is a K&S brass tube 8139, 1/2in OD from Amazon. Two #4-40 x 1/2in setscrews (92311A110) to adjust feed, up to four #4-40 setscrews to hold the bearing in place, and four #6-32 tapped holes for assembling the other layers.

    Manifold layer, bottom right. curved to help redirect air towards the breech. Barrel spacing 0.6in

    Breech layer, top left. ramps neatly fit 7/32 rounds, but can easily be drilled out to 1/4. There is a 1/4in wide x 1/8in deep lip, to allow installation of larger magazines on the same size base.

    Magazine ring layer, bottom left. Single layer ring for 7/32 or 1/4, 3.5in OD. I will update with other diameters as I produce updates.

    Riser piece, center. This piece is for holding pieces of K&S brass, brake line, or other material for the risers. Or you can install the barrels directly into this piece, if you don't want barrel depression.

    lid: not designed yet. I can't 3d-print transparent materials, so this will have to be laser-cut or manufactured by hand.

    Magazine height 1.5in
    Magazine outside diameter 3.5in
    cannon base height 1.25in
    cannon base length 8in
    overall height, 2.75in
    accumulator volume
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  1. Selley
    Version: 1.0
    shrink it down to 60mm in diameter you got 3/16 guns
  2. Xanthar
    Version: 1.0
    Most complete model yet!