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    SMS Nassau

    WWI German

    IRCWCC 28 seconds/100 ft; 4 units

    This was my first scratch built combat ship. Build thread located Nassau scratch build. The Nassau is an extremely short tubby boat at 39.92” x 7.42”. It has the 3 shaft 2 rudder setup that gives the best turning in the hobby.
    Nassau Top.jpg
    I set up the Nassau in the traditional (Stern side mount, Stern cannon from wing turret, bow cannon. I like to keep all my boats in similar gun pattern so that I can switch boats easily.

    The bow and stern side mounts have been replaced with 3D printed cannons. They are currently Provence turrets and will be replaced with proper German this winter.
    Nassau Stern.jpg
    A look at the side showing how close the rudders are from the prop.

    Nassau Prop.JPG
    A look from the bow showing angle of bow side mount and wire tie down that hold the barrel in location.

    Also you can see the deck hold downs. Simply aluminum stock cut into strips with a hole drilled through it. Holds well and is fast to enter the boat. We were battling in a very clear pond for years, so the float system is an afterthought on this boat. (fishing bobber with braided line coiled in stack)

    Nassau From Bow.jpg

    A look from the stern showing the aft side mount and aft cannon.

    Nassau From Stern.jpg

    Looking inside the bow the only thing holding the bow deck on is a quick connect to the bow sidemount. I am using a Spartan solenoid. They are so light that I do not have to worry about locking them into position. I have been very happy with the Spartans. Internal armor is shower liner. It is tough and flexible.
    Nassau Inside Bow.jpg

    In the stern we see the geared rudder driven with a HobbyKing waterproof servo. I have been battling all year with the same servo with no issues.
    Nassau Inside Stern.jpg
    I really like the servo mount from ServoCity. They are light threaded and rot-proof.
    Nassau Rudder Servo.jpg
    Mid ship we see that the deck can be removed with nothing attached. The stern cannon is one of my Maxspin MK1. Which is a rip-off of a Stynger. It is simply mounted through a hole in a piece of ABS plastic .

    I am running on a pair of Zippy 4200 LIFE batteries. I can get 2 sorties out of the pair of batteries.

    The drive motor is a 1700kv brushless outrunner. I am running at 60%, so I will replace with a 1400 or 1500 when it comes time to replace it. Gear Box is a Battlers Connection GB300. (fits the outrunner motors). ESC is a 45amp Hobby King Car. Fan is removed, potted in epoxy.

    The pump is being run off a 1200kv outrunner. I plan to narrow down the motors to either 1400 or 1500 to cut down on spares. The pump is 3D printed designed by Nick. Pump is being run off a 30amp airplane ESC (no need for reverse)

    CO2 Bottle is a 2.8 oz. NOT enough. Boat was designed around a 3.5oz tank, but my tank was lost to Davey Jones Locker. I am in process of getting the valve replaced on a different 3.5oz tank.

    Nassau Inside Midship.jpg Nassau Midship.jpg

    Winter upgrades:

    Push buttons on radio to fire guns.

    German 3D printed cannons.

    Red paint below water line.
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    Nice! how are the printed guns holding up?
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    I recommend you ditch the spade connector on your solenoids and just solder the wire on and shrinkwrap the connection. The spade connectors come off too easily, corrode fast, and provide a possible shorting point if something were to connect them.
    Otherwise great build! The Nassau is a good ship.
  4. Maxspin

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    Jul 30, 2014
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    I wish I had more battles with them. Two battles in and they are working great. Greg has been using his all season, and his are working great as well.
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    Nassau's are nasty little boats! We in the NE know about them since we have a nest of them which have resisted our efforts to stamp them out.
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    Like german cockroaches, after the bomb they still wriggle and multiply.
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    They are nasty and at speed practically submerged.